BAHRAIN GARDENS, 2008, Bahrain

The points of interest and highlights of the garden are many, as are the axes and views. Each axis attempts to keep the eye interested and alert to changes. The landscape changes from tropical garden, to regular tree spacing, to sculpture as framed view.

As the landscape design mediates the existing house and built structures of storage and garage, the resulting scheme leans towards poetic functionality rather than a single conceptual thread.

To counterbalance the regularity of the palm trees, the back garden transforms into a rolling hill, where the trees appear to grow freely, and the earth moulds itself around the trunks that are protected by circular concrete angled planters. Within this palm oasis, is a sunken seating area that seems to be one with the topography around it. 

Team: Tala Mikdashi
Client: Private
Type: Urban l Housing, Landscape
Size: 4,100 sq m