Kedros = cedar in Greek

The Kedros house organically adapts to the steep site conditions as it hugs the hill and ties into the local language of low stone walls that define this rural landscape. The car approach  gradually reveals the house, its back volume imbedded into the side of the hill on the left while the bottom one disappears on the right to offer a clear view of the sea and horizon.
Two  main stone volumes angled at 20 degrees from each other frame a 350 year old cedar tree. Once past the threshold, the ancient tree reveals itself as the outdoor areas radiate from it, creating a variety of spaces and experiences. The exterior spaces and the pool tie seamlessly into each other and gradually follow the contours of the topography, extending down to a foot path that leads to a discrete stone guest house surrounded by olive trees and vines.


Team: Tala Mikdashi, Maria Doxa
Client: Antiparos Design Properties (Oliaros SA)
Type: Rural l Housing l New Build, Landscape & Interiors
Construction: 2004-2007
Structural Engineer: Manos Kyriazis
Mechanical Engineer: George Kavoulakos (Tekem SA)
Photo: Mads Mogensen
Landscape: Doxiadis +
Size: 630 sq m