The house hovers at cliff edge. The 13,000m² lot wraps around the hill, revealing a spectacular panorama from East to West, ranging from the Antiparos village and Paros island, to the Northern archipelago, and across toward Sifnos island and the sunset.
The one-level S-shaped house gradually steps down across the hill and past the singular Cedar tree, echoing the traditional island stone walls as it turns a discrete stone façade to the North East wind. Once past its threshold however, the entry reveals a stark white modernist house facing the cliff and Aegean Sea. 
Striking the balance between honouring a virgin landscape and situating the architecture, the house nests respectfully in its topography.

Team: Tala Mikdashi (Architecture)
Maria Doxa (Project Manager)
Client: Antiparos Design Properties (Oliaros SA)
Type: Rural l Housing l New Build, Landscape & Interiors
Construction: 2004-2006
Structural Engineer: Manos Kyriazis
Mechanical Engineer: George Kavoulakos (Tekem SA)
Photo: Mads Mogensen
Landscape: Doxiadis +
Size: 400 sq m